HaiChang Street in Shekou has been undergoing somewhat of a transformation of late, an American diner as well as a plethora of craft beer joints (some legit, others less so) have recently changed the streets vibe completely and with a new Italian and French restaurant due to open imminently it seems the Shekou food scene is in for somewhat of an upgrade!

The latest opening on the street is La Factoria #5. Some of you may be aware of La Factoria #4 in High Tech Park (available for delivery via ShenzhenEat) it’s the same owners but a different concept altogether.

If your next question is, what happened to #1, #2 and #3 then rest assured this confused us as well – the answer is that these restaurants will be opened up at a later date and the owners are starting at #4 & #5 instead – obviously.

La Factoria #5 has been set up as a Latin Grille advertising Latin & Mediterranean food in a casual bistro format.


The tables and chairs are metallic giving it a modern, clean vibe, the middle of the restaurant houses two large tv’s, their content seemed to change throughout the afternoon between music, cooking shows and sports channels.

There’s a lot to pique the interest with menu items not commonly found around town and it’s worth noting that the menu whilst having a lot of familiar dishes has taken some risks. We like risks.

The menu consists of Tapas, Grilled dishes, Pizza, Paella & Desserts, there were many items that I would have liked to have tried but unfortunately there is only so much that can be eaten in one sitting – like the modern-day hero that I am though I was willing to give it the old college try.

La Factoria Chorizo – 42rmb

There is a Haichang Street / Sausage joke in there somewhere, but I will leave that for others to put together.

Chorizo, garlic, pepper, sauteed in garlic and hot peppers.

A bigger portion than I first gave it credit for this was a good entrance into what could be expected from the rest of the meal. Decent portion size with slightly spicy undertones that didn’t completely take over the taste. Great option from the Tapas menu and one that could be enjoyed in a small group or to oneself with a beer.

Dry Provoleta – 42rmb

Provoleta, chimichurri.

I really enjoyed this, I mean it’s fried cheese and that just speaks to me on a spiritual level!

Cooked nicely the cheese had a strong salty taste and one that I really appreciated. Our second and final dish from the Tapas menu and something that I will definitely return to eat again.

Chorizo Sandwich – 58rmb

An intriguing combination of flavours. You have the strong taste of the chorizo that is lifted by the bright taste of the parsley and cilantro – alongside this there are the sweet potato fries which are genuinely the sweetest I can remember; I know that sounds forced but they really were delightfully crispy and sweet.

The sweet potato fries are available on the Tapas menu for 36rmb, which makes the Chorizo Sandwich a great deal for 58!

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Pizza – 108rmb

Grilled Neapolitan style pizza that gives the base a crusty smoky flavour that is met by the buttery toppings of the smoked salmon and cream cheese.

Pizza at La Factoria #5 starts at 88rmb for their Serrano Ham style but we really wanted to taste the contrast between the base and toppings.

American style pizza lovers will not appreciate this but it did have a nice Neapolitan style to it and I will be back to try some of their other varieties!

Filet Mignon – 178rmb

It’s important to note that the Filet Mignon is 300gr which means at 178rmb it’s decent value size wise.

I was curious when I ordered this to see the chef peeling some grapefruit and pineapple – had I ordered something by mistake?

The steak was delicious, again it was prepared in a slightly different way and had a slightly spicy exterior, not spicy enough to make the tongue tingle but you could certainly tell it was there! I had the steak cut up as I wanted to get a good look inside and whilst it was slightly more cooked than I would have liked (I’m a Medium rare kinda guy) I was impressed by how tender and flavourful the meat was.

The side salad was pleasant, and I like the fact that there was a different set of tastes with the fruit, chimichurri, and steak seasoning.

At 178rmb it’s definitely worth trying and I have been charged a lot more for steaks that don’t compare to the quality of this!

New York Cheese Cake – 42rmb

Beautifully well presented the cheesecake itself was lovely but I appreciated the abundance of chocolate sauce that surrounded the plate.

My colleagues have plenty of pictures of me using my fingers to clean the plate – ever the professional, and this was one of those occasions.

Sangria – 55rmb

Well, it wouldn’t be a Mediterranean without having a glass or two of Sangria, now would it?

Sweet and fruity, this provided a very pleasant accompaniment to the meal. It’s worth noting that pitchers can be ordered for 168rmb.

I didn’t quite get the undertones of brandy or flavoured liquor that I was hoping for (I like to drink) but the taste was great especially as this was a lunch visit!

Overall, my expectations from La Factoria were more than surpassed. I had been past previously and thought it was giving off more of a bar vibe than a restaurant, this was why I did an afternoon visit rather than an evening one.

The restaurant itself may turn into more of a casual place later in the evening but I had a great afternoon meal that can easily stand up to some of the more established restaurants in the area.


 NO.174, Haichang Street, Shekou